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PPP direct with a Psion 5

This article describes how to connect your Psion 5 to your linux PC which already has some form of active internet connection. Effectively it makes your PC appear as a modem to the Psion and piggy backs onto the existing internet connection.

I used slirp for this as it seemed easier to get going.

Get the Comms app on the Psion talking to the linux box

I put this in my inittab on a slackware system:
   s1:12345:respawn:/sbin/agetty -hL ttyS0 115200 vt100
and then plugged the Psion into COM1 on the PC. Do a kill -1 1 to send a HUP to init.

Now start up COMMS on the Psion. Use setup to set the speed and turn on rts/cts handshaking. Now for the ultra crucial bit, in COMMS go to the Translate Codes menu item and uncheck 'Local echo' and untick 'Add LF to outgoing CR'

Now try to login using an account you have. If you can login then sweet!

Set up a direct connection in control panel on the Psion

You should have a modem ala:
   - direct cable connection
   - 115200 baud serial
   - Hardware rts/cts flow control 
   - terminal detect dsr/dts is checked
Now in the internet settings you need
   - call it Direct
   - Connection type Direct
   - manual login
   - set your IP address to
   - set you rDNS to whatever your PC has set as DNS (ie. your ISP's)
   - allow plain text authentication

Setting up Slirp

Download slirp and compile it. Now login to your linux box using your Psion and su to root, then run slirp:
   slirp -b 115200 ppp
Now close the COMMS app and start up Email or the web browser. Choose the Direct connect connection method and hopefully it should just work.

pablo , 2003-09-05 21:16:55