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Installing Windows 98SE on an ASUS A7N266-VM

This Socket A motherboard from ASUS is very good value for money when you consider that it has GeForce2 like graphics thrown in. ASUS's instruction manual for the board is atypical of your brief motherboard manuals, but it seems like they made the board primarily with Windows 2000 and Windows XP in mind, as its a bit of a mess to install Windows 98. They do have instructions for installing Windows 98 but they are not quite right.

What follows are some vague instructions for putting windows 98SE on a completely empty Hard Disk.

- boot from the Windows98SE cdrom
- start windows 98 setup from cdrom
- press ENTER to continue
- configure unallocated disk space
- yes enable large disk
- restart

- boot from CDROM
- start windows 98 setup from cdrom
- starts formatting disk
- press ENTER
- GUI Windows 98 setup. press ENTER
- select C:\windows
- Typical install
- Install the most common components
- Set computer name and workgroup
- Establish your location
- Restart windows

- Boot from Hard disk.
- User info
- I accept the agreement
- Enter license
- Restart computer

- Boot from hard disk
- Set time and date
- restart now

- boot from hard disk
- login
- in windows for the first time

- Install PCI System Management Bus
    Follow the instructions in the manual for updating the driver
    At some point it will say 'nvsmbus.inf cannot be found'. I just pressed
    OK and it found it

-Install PCI Standard Host CPU Bridge (GART)
    Just follow what it says in the manual

- Install PCI Standard ram controller
    There will be 3 listed all the same. I think you need to update all
    three of them. I just updated one and deleted the other two and 
    rebooted. Then on the next reboot it prompted to load drivers 
    for 'PCI RAM' twice

- Install Audio
    I started to follow the instructions but got really stuffed up
    I suggest deleting the 2 'PCI Multimedia Audio Device' entries and try
    rebooting and then install the drivers when it asks.
    The path on the cd should be

- Install MCP MAC (LAN adapter)
    Follow instructions but path should be
   However mine crashed after I chose to reboot (dunno why).
   I had to press reset. The big delay you get while booting is due to
   it doing a DHCP request

- Install Geforce2 GPU
   Follow instructions, but path was
  After reboot it should pick up your monitor

pablo , 2003-09-26 21:01:50