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Setting up Opera with anti-aliased fonts

I've been using Mozilla as my linux browser most of the time. It understands most sites pretty well, and on my slackware 9.0/gnome 2.2 setup it renders nice smooth anti-aliased fonts.

I recently downloaded the latest opera 7.21 for linux, and was curious as to why it didn't do anti-aliasing, though I was pretty sure it used to. I couldn't find a menu item to turn font smoothing on or off, so I started trawling the net for an answer.

Most of the answer was found in this article on the xfree86 site. Essentially I needed to find some truetype fonts and copy them into somewhere in the font path. That article suggests $HOME/.fonts, but I put them in /usr/share/fonts/default/Truetype. /usr/share/fonts was in my /etc/fonts/font.conf file, so I assume it knows how to search down. I also checked my /etc/X11/XF86Config file and made sure in the module loading section that it loaded the truetype and type1 modules (not sure if both are necessary). Anyway, I just ran fc-cache as per the article and restarted Opera. Voila. It works. However, the fonts don't seem to look as nice as those used in Mozilla. Dunno why.

pablo , 2003-11-01 17:18:55