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Netier NetXpress SL2000

Some notes:

   Seems to work if I supply +5V (red) and +12V(yellow). Still haven't worked
   out what the blue wire is.

   The DiskOnChip MD2200-D48 is a 48mb part. Details are at www.m-sys.com. 
   There are some DOS tools that you can put on a floppy for formatting etc.

   There is a TrueFFS linux driver but its not in source code form. Supposedly
   you can also use the MTD driver in linux.

   Seems to boot ff the DiskOnChip even when its disabled in the bios.

   LAN is Intel PRO/100B

   Video is S3 86C357 which is supposed to be a VIRGE GX2. No idea how much 
   memory it uses (maybe 2mb).

   A 64mb sdram works. haven't tried a 128mb one yet.

   USB keyboard works at the BIOS level.

   TV output works as soon as you turn it on.

pablo , 2004-03-31 01:57:50