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Psion 5mx Mobile Phone Internet

Just some quick notes on setting up the Psion 5mx to access the internet through infrared on a Nokia 6610. These notes are specific to using vodafone in New Zealand.

  • Hopefully you have already set up an Access Point (APN) on your phone. In my case the access point was named 'GPRS Internet', and the APN was www.vodafone.net.nz
  • I installed the Mobile Connectivity Update for the 5mx first.
  • Go to the Psion Control Panel. Select Modem. Edit the 'Infrared mobile phone' modem settings. I set the speed to 57600, and connect via Infrared. I changed the Init string to AT&F&K4, and left the data and fax inits empty. Flow control was left as RTS/CTS.
  • Go to the Psion Control Panel. Select Internet. Create a new 'Internet Service'. I just called it 'test'. Its a 'Dial-Up' connection. Untick smart-dialing. I put the dialup number as:
    I left it as manual login (other notes I have say to set an empty username and password, but the Psion won't let you do this if you untick 'manual login'). I left 'Get IP address from server' ticked, but set the Primary and 2ndary DNS as:
    I got these from the GPRS guide for the T68i from Vodafone NZ's website. I also turned on PPP Extensions.
  • Make sure the 'remote link' is off, and point the Psion IR at the phone IR port. Turn on Infrared connectivity on the phone.
  • If you have Opera or the Psion Web app you should be able to try to connect to some URL. You should probably see 'Dialing' on the screen somewhere, and eventually you should get prompted for a username and password. Just leave them blank and tap OK. That should be it.
In the past when setting this up I've had heaps of trouble. You may have to call Vodafone to get them to enable Internet access on your phone. This is different to WAP access so your mileage may vary as to finding someone who actually understands what you are talking about (keep in mind that most people will never use direct internet connectivity from their mobile).

pablo , 2004-02-15 00:32:42