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Thinkpad 600 error 8611

I recently upgraded my aging Thinkpad 600 (P2 266Mhz) to a 600X (P3 500MHz). This upgrade involved buying a 500X base off ebay, and taking the screen, keyboard, hard drive, battery, cdrom etc off the old 600 and attaching it to the 600X base. It all worked reasonably well.

However, that left me with a P2 266 with no screen or keyboard. I thought I should see whether it still works. With a VGA monitor, PS2 keyboard and mouse (via a splitter) attached it would only show an error 8611 on boot and not get any further. I found this forum post indicating that it was a 'trackpoint is missing' error, and you can actually fudge the bios to ignore the missing trackpoint. This worked great for me.

The sequence I went through was:

   - Turn the 600 on. It gets the error 8611 and you get a popup to TEST or RESTART. 
   - Choose TEST.
   - I just tested the Systemboard for something to do.
   - Now I think I chose EXIT. It actually exits back to the main F1 config 
     screen (I could never get into the config screen by pressing F1).
   - Choose 'Config'
   - press CTRL D
   - At offset 20h, change the value to 01 (it was 00 prior to this for me)
   - Press F2 to save and then F3 to exit and restart.
   - And now it should boot.

pablo , 2004-06-11 19:48:28