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New Pixelview PlayTV Pro cards with linux

Its August 2004. A few months ago I bought a Pixelview PlayTV Pro card as its cheap here in NZ and is well supported under linux. Its your standard BT878 card and most references to the card suggest (for this part of the world) it has a Philips BG tuner (type=5 under linux). Its an easy to setup card.

Recently I somehow blew up my old Flyvideo 98 TV card (also simple to set up under linux), so I went out and bought another PlayTV Pro card thinking it would be easy to set up. I was wrong. THe card I bought is still a BT878 based card, but the tuner is no longer a Philips one. It has the markings TVISION TVF 8533 B/DF . It is not the same as tuner=5 under linux.

After some searching I found this post on the video4linux mailing list describing something very similar. If you follow the other posts in this thread there is a reference to the real manufacturer of these tuners; YMEC. This page is relevant. It mentions the TVF 8531, but not the 8533, but I guess they are reasonably close. Anyway, that post suggested some odd modules.conf parameters plus use of tuner=43. This did not work for me. tuner=43 is I think for an NTSC version of this type of tuner.

However, after some trial and error I put this in my modules.conf

options bttv card=0x25 tuner=38
options tuner force=0,0x61 ignore=0,0x60 debug=1
Did a modprobe bttv and tried recording something and now it works perfectly. As far as I know the force= stuff is to force the tuner to be detected at i2c address 0xc2 (if you leave these out it detects at 0xc0 and never works).

One subtle difference between the packaging of the old and new card is that on the side of the box where it says what video standards the card supports, the old card just has a dot next to PAL/SECAM BG, but the new card has a dot next to PAL/SECAM BG and PAL/SECAM DK

pablo , 2004-08-23 04:22:05