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You can do LSM on top of ordinary disks or on top of what looks like Veritas Volume Manager.

The veritas stuff is exactly the same as a normal Veritas box, except change the 'vx' at the start of a command to 'vol':

   volprint -ht 

   voldisk list

   volrecover -sb

   volreattach <disk>
But LSM is like an abstraction above all that. You have domains that is effecitvely a pool of disk resource that a bunch of filesystems share. If you look at a mount point:
Filesystem       1024-blocks        Used   Available Capacity  Mounted on
root_domain#root     1024000      179730      833648    18%    /
The domain is obviously the bit at the start of the line 'root_domain', and the LSM volume that the filesystem is on is called root. You can show whats in a domain with:
   showfdmn root_domain
Each LSM volume (ie not veritas) within the domain is shown. They are just numbered. So how do you find out what each number means? You can try showfsets:
   showfsets root_domain
At the end of the day, do a man advfs

pablo , 2005-02-14 17:50:43