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nznzb - NZB download utility

Latest version v0.97 (2010.10.16)


nznzb is a utility for downloading multi-part binaries off usenet using NZB files. There is usually just one option; an NZB file:
  nznzb something.nzb

Details of the usenet server you're connecting to are kept in your ~/.nznzbrc file. The main options are:

   # A comment
   server = myusenet.serve.net
   port = 119




  • Can use multiple download threads to speed up downloads
  • Can connect to multiple usenet servers.
  • Can resume if you break out of a download (it does have to download a fair bit to work out whether it has a complete file or not)
  • If you have unrar installed somewhere it can dynamically unrar nzb's of multipart rar archives. It makes sure it downloads the rars in the correct order to unrar them. This often means that you can watch a media file (ie. effectively streaming) while it downloads simply by pointing a media player at the file being extracted, or perhaps you share out the directory where the media file is being written and can then watch it using XBMC or some other external media player device.
  • Can automatically launch a media player such as mplayer if you are downloading a multipart rar archive. It can do this after the first rar file downloads.
  • Checks yEnc CRC codes in usenet 'segments' as they download and can switch to alternate usenet servers to try to grab a 'segment' which is not corrupt. The aim is to prevent corrupt downloads that might require you to use PAR2 files to fix the problem.
  • If your NZB file consists of rar files and par2 files, nznzb can finish 'early' if it detects that the unrar'ing process has finished without errors (which means that the par2 files aren't required). This saves on traffic.
  • Can run par2repair if appropriate to fix problems (requires par2 tools to be installed)
  • Compiles and works on Mac OSX and Linux
See the README in the tar.gz for more info.


  • nznzb-0.97.tar.gz 20101016 - New location for temp files, better ctrl-c handling/cleanup
  • nznzb-0.96.tar.gz 20100725 - Some par2repair handling fixes.
  • nznzb-0.94.tar.gz 20091127 - Better handling of corrupt segments. See README.
  • nznzb-0.93.tar.gz 20091017 - added check for gaps in segment lists.
  • nznzb-0.92.tar.gz 20090912 - Compiles on 64 bit. force_server option, auto par2repair.
  • nznzb-0.83.tar.gz 20090207 - Fixes for SSL code. Usenet segments written to memory instead of temp files on disk as they download.
  • nznzb-0.80.tar.gz 20081220 - Fixes some bugs with newer versions of glibc and unrar. Use this if you get glibc double free errors, or unrar-ing always fails
  • nznzb-0.77.tar.gz 20081120 - Now includes an experimental version that works in an X window. Also includes a download_directory option to force all downloaded files into given directory
  • nznzb-0.70.tar.gz 20080830 - Big bug in previous version re download corruption at the point the media player launched. Now fixed. Also some better file cleanup code.
  • nznzb-0.67.tar.gz 20080823 - The previous version did not work so well on OSX, and the mplayer spawning on linux tended to die prematurely. These should be fixed now. Also there is an end_if_unrar_ok setting for the .nznzbrc file to allow the unrar to end if it completes with no errors
  • nznzb-0.65.tar.gz 20080819 - This version has lots of changes so sorry if you find some bugs. You can now list multiple usenet servers in your .nznzbrc and have the download threads spread amongst these or only use the 2nd, 3rd ... usenet servers if a CRC error occurs. Also, you can automatically launch mplayer or some other player once the first rar part completes
  • nznzb-0.58.tar.gz 20080415 - Can now specify multiple nzb files on the command line
  • nznzb-0.57.tar.gz 20080128 - Now responds correctly to servers returning a 201 code. Some minor bug fixes and temp files end up in a separate subdirectory
  • nznzb-0.50.tar.gz 20070910 - Quite a few additions here; SSL support, can compile for MAC OS X, some bug fixes, some uudecoding support again
  • nznzb-0.39.tar.gz - This is an experimental version with some interesting streaming features
  • nznzb-0.36.tar.gz - This is an experimental version with some interesting streaming features
  • nznzb-0.20.tar.gz
  • nznzb-0.9.tar.gz