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dselect alternative

You might want to try out "aptitude" instead of "dselect".
 "Aptitude" is available for Debian in a packaged form; just
 type 'apt-get install aptitude'.

 Both are similar in terms that they are full-screen (n)curses
 console applications, but "aptitude" resembles more those old
 MS-DOS-based text-mode programs. It even has pull-down menus,
 and is - in my opinion, at least - a bit more straightforward
 to use in terms of navigating the package catalogs.

 ("Aptitude" also has a built-in Minesweeper clone which you
 can play during long downloads. :)

 A hint: by default, the search function in "aptitude" only
 finds text from the package names. You must prefix the search
 string with "~d" to search from the descriptions, too.

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pablo , 2003-09-05 21:24:23