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Boulderdash information
Links - Virtual Machines
Create a virtual DMZ
Know your Enemy - Honeypots paper
linode (UML hosting)
Tummy UML hosting
BlaisorBlade UML patches
UML Wiki
FAUmachine (UMlinux)
VServers (not really a VM)
EnSim (commercial)
Links - Silent PC
Silent PC Review
Links - Amiga
RC Drummond (Updated UAE for SDL)
Amiga Supergamez
Dazeland Amiga games
Zilog emu site
Amiga ADF links
Links - Neural Networks
TIme Series Analysis software
TISEAN time series prediction (chaos)
Neural Network Movies
Links - linux
Configure Thunderbird for dual boot system
Cisco VPN client in linux
two pipe forking
Apache htaccess stuff
Unionfs article
Shunt - Multi CD/DVD backup and other uses tool
2005-02-19 13:22:24 by pablo

Steve Friedl's page (Unix consultant)
Linux: Orinoco Silver to Gold
Wireless white papers and certification
Squid NTLM howto
perl ntlm proxy?
SSI clusters HOWTO
x11vnc - mirror the :0 framebuffer
LUFS linux userland file system
kvcd under linux
Linksys WRT54G linux info
Redhat 8/9 on HP Pavilion ZE4100/4200 (same as Presario 2100)
redhat 7.3 linux on presario 2100
Thomas Hood's Thinkpad 600 page
QEMU dynamic recompiling x86 (and others) emu
Installing linux on Presario 2100
Debian LDAP setup
Great Debian Install Howto
XGen. X programming without X
NCSA chroot example (with C sample code)
Good motif examples
Gamecube Linux
FAME project. Fast Assembly based video encoder
Ndiswrapper (load windows NDIS network drivers in linux)
M-SYS DickOnChip under linux
Article on tmpfs and bind mounts
Linux in 32mb compact flash ( uses bind mounts and cloop)
thttpd FAQ (not on the main thttpd page)
Motif tutorial
Skarnet tiny software
Paper about Knoppix
Source code for cloop
Linux on the Linksys WRT54G
IBM - Linux on old systems (compiling uclibc ... )
SPB Linux (directfb based tiny distro)
Some info on video capture command lines
Fault Tolerance and Clustering
PLPTools (Psion to Linux)
Script to work out TV card settings
.htaccess guide
SQLite embedded SQL engine (25k?)
FreeVix Media oriented linux distro in 25mb
Daily xine builds (also network libdvdcss)
libdvdcss with network support
Multiple X users on a single PC
Linux Nuppelvideo page
Tips: Video Capture under Linux
DIY Wireless Access Point
RimuHosting (UML hosting)
Debian Install Guide
Two monitors, Two keyboards, Two mice, Two People, one PC
Linux based PVR (has link to bt TV card fix)
dietlibc patches for common programs
Not_Lame MP3 encoder
linux disk repair
Install PHP mod_perl MySQL and Apache
Clustering in Vmware
Oracle on Linux
Linux drivers for hardware mpeg1/2 encoder
Links - linux - Telephony

Robust Audio Tool
list of Voice over IP projects
Intercom (simple)
Links - Sailing
Sydney Yacht Charter (Have a Charter Skipper course)
Gulf Group
Sydney By Sail
Club Sail Sydney
Saveke Sailing Expeditions
Sail OZ
Southern Cross Yachting (Brisbane)
Abel Tasman Sailing Adventures
Whitsundays Sailing Training School
Coastguard Boating Education
CharterLink Auckland
CharterLink South (NZ)
Mike Lanigan's Gulfwind Sailing Academy
Picots New Zealand Charter Guide
Penny WHiting Sailing School
Bay of Islands yacht bareboat charters
Links - Electro Sensitivity
Electro Sensitivity
Links - Hardware
Overclocking a TP770X
IBM Thinkpad 600E bios mod for processor update
thinkpad forums
Thinkpad Mini-PCI wireless bios hacks
Component to RGB converter (Motorola op amps)
Thinkpad 600E bios mod for CPU update
PCMCIA LAN card dongle repair
Consumer Product Hacking
Vesalia (Amiga, Pegasos, AmigaOne, C-One)
661v31 motherboard
ECS K7S5A Guides
AMD Thoroughbred Overclocking
ASUS A7n266-VM overclocking
Build a robot from a floppy drive
Athlon Thorougbred Identification
Core COmputers DIY Macintosh
Homemade ECG machine
Links - Hardware - FPGA
Verilog/FPGA tutorials (Al Williams)
Rajesh's Verilog Centre
Projects to do with Rapid Prototyping of Digital Systems
Keiths Home Page (Very Good)
Discussion on 'how many gates do I need'
Trenz Electronic (developer boards from Germany)
Guided Exploration of two FPGA-based CPU Designs
Johns FPGA Page
Atari 2600 on a chip
DSPIA fpga boards list
Burched (Aussie FPGA board)
FPGA Arcade
The C-One reconfigurable computer
Links - Alternative OS
Mac PVR using HackTV
Old DOS stuff
The UNIX Time Sharing System (May 74 Communications of the ACM)
BeOS Developers Edition
Syllable (AtheOS fork)
Links - Mobile Phones
Fenica Mobile Phone Safety
Mobile Phone safety
Links - Sun
More Solaris IP Multipathing
Solaris IP Multipathing made easy
Solaris x86 firewall
SunRay resource page
SunRay Protocol Discussion
Links - Thin Client
ThinSoft Inc
Netier NetXpress manuals and drivers
Links - Old Computers
Folklore.org. Early Macintosh history
Links - Psion
Pscience 5 lost and found software
Java Psion Link (PLP protocol in java)
Bioeddies Psion pages
Gareth Saunders Psion pages
EPOC ARM assembler
Andrews EPOC software (incl lpdclient and demarco)
Malaysian Netbook preview
Neuon software
Some GNUpoc projects incl C64 emu
EPOC MP3 player/library (Zavorine)
GnuPOC (EPOC SDK ported to linux)
Psion Nethack
Third party psion screen cables
Schubert and Roth (replacement psion screen cables)
Links - Assembly Language
WEBster Art of Assembly
Links - Programming Languages
non Java languages that use a Java Virtual Machine
Links - Programming Languages - Python
Medusa (new site)
Medusa (Python network server framwork) old site
Instant Python
How to think like a Computer Scientist (Learning with Python)
Links - Animation
Lego Minifig in Blender 3D
Links - PVR
Peters PVR situation in Australia
Links - MX5
Wiring in a CD Player
Miata audio pinouts
2003 In-dash 6 CD player in early 90s MX5
Add 2003 6CD player to early 90s MX5
Links - tivo
Grahams tivo notes (jpegwriter and displayctl)
tivo themurrays
tivo chunkedit
nztivo forum post about gaps. Very useful
Open Source tivo development
ty discussion on Open Source Tivo dev
typlay (play ty files from the command line on tivo)
tivo extraction for linux users
NZ Tivo forums
some tivo binaries
PPP on Tivo
Inside tivo hacking (tridge speech)
Links - Power Generation
Guerrilla power systems
Links - Travel
Real Estate Nicaragua
Living in Nicaragua forum
Discover Real Estate (Nicaragua)
Links - Web
XMLHttpRequest example